Published 2008

Translations: German 2013


Emília is a restless woman who nurtures a passion for the poet Emily Dickinson that goes way back into her teens, when she dreamt of becoming a poet herself. However, as she becomes painfully aware of her lack of talent, she sets her mind to writing a biography of her idol. Nevertheless, having grown up playing the poet, she feels she won’t be able to achieve it unless she writes about herself as well. Her account, which starts the day she moves into yet another furnished apartment, travels back and forth in time, as things come to mind, regardless of any chronological order. Meanwhile she develops an unexpected friendship with a little girl, starts an affair with airline pilot with whom she starts an affair with an airline pilot, and encounters his mysterious, ethereal wife, who suddenly shows up on her doorstep.

The novel is woven around a rigorous account of Emily Dickinson’s life and work based on the most relevant biographies about the poet and what remains from the correspondence she exchanged throughout her life.

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