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Published 2000

Despite his chauvinist upbringing, Eduardo is an unusually sensitive and kind man caught up in a midlife crisis where the boring monotony of his job, his loneliness and his longing for a stable, loving relationship weight him down. To make matters even worse, he has no siblings or cousins, is a divorced father who doesn’t get along with his only child, and Daniel, his best friend and loyal companion on occasional sprees of drinking, partying and dating, has fallen madly in love and has no time to spare.

The only people he has left to offload his troubles, frustrations and anxieties are his shrink and Diana, a woman who becomes increasingly relevant in his life, although he stubbornly refuses to accept that she’s his type.

Will these two safety nets be enough to arrest his fall?

“Our sympathy for him and our understanding of his dilemmas lead us to hope that he can shape up and finally regain meaning in his life.” Richard Zimler, revista Livros, 2001


“In this novel, Ana Nobre de Gusmão seems determined to put an end to the in vogue dichotomy between ‘female’ and ‘male’ writing. She took the risk of conferring the narrative and main role on a man and it looks like she won.” Appio Sottomayor, Jornal A Capital 28/09/2000

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